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The ring overall is made for smaller fingers although adjustable, it's thin, and the quality isn't great nor can you read it from more than a few inches away. Pretty disappointed

Alanis Mini Vintage Ring Dish

Fresh Prince Plate
Sabrina Grant
Love it!

Love the plate. Looks exactly like the photo.

Uniform Butts Mug
Robin Wardall
Butts for the win

Great mug. I can’t wait to give it as a gift.

The King Vintage Plate
Tania Portocarrero

Love it!!

Super cute and well made

Absolutely love it! Super cute and well made. Perfect for my stash.

I like it!

Great funny inappropriate cards! I live it!

My Other Ride Is Your Dad Keychain
Alex Hunnewell
Love it!

Sturdy enough I am not worried about it snapping, key ring is of good quality as well. I love them so much, thank you!

Live Laugh Vintage Plate
Ellysa Cummings
Hilarious gift

Love it so much - my friends couldn’t stop laughing

Sugar Like Zero Coke Sugar Bowl
Valerie Westmoreland

Super cute and came so quickly. I thought I would have to wait for a week or more to receive it. BUT, it came in 3 days.

Cuntentment Plate
Tanya Marks

Cuntentment Plate

Pay Black Women For Their Labor Mug
Kristen LeFalle Sampson
The mug I didn't know I needed!

This is now the pencil cup in my office and it is most definitely a CONVERSATION starter. As a Black woman, I could not agree more and love my latest Backseat Love acquisition! #isaidwhatisaid

Always a favorite

Every piece I’ve gotten from here is my favorite. I can’t wait until my whole house is backseatlove

He’s with me wherever I go

When you can have Pedro with you always, why wouldn’t you? Glitter backing adds sparkle to your life.

The World Is Falling Apart Mug
Halle Blackwell


Papi Pedro

You can display it or eat off it or just live it. Just like you wanna do with Papi Pedro.❤️❤️❤️❤️

The Food Has W**d In It Oven Mitt
Shan Davis

Bought this a s a funny gift for my boyfriend, and was surprised that he is going to be using it all the time because the quality is so good!

Vile ole cunty experience

That vile old bitch card was delivered as expected. I was Sofa King happy.

Dolly Plate
Gena Bzovi
Dining with Dolly

These plates are absolutely adorable!!! If you had more I would have bought them since they go with my kitchen!


I’ll be back for more

Pedro Keychain
Cady Sehnert
Pedro Keychain

Super quality and fast shipping! Got a Pedro keychain for my bestie and me. We’re in love. Thank you! #shopsmall

Not A Hugger Keychain
it me

it’s so relatable bc i in-fact do not hug people and also hate physical touch generally speaking. :)

also it holds my keys nicely and makes a cute jingly noise with em’

I work in the food industry, everyday is a shit show. So these pens offer some humor to my day!

Drive Safe Little B*tch Keychain
alston shannon

Drive Safe Little B*tch Keychain

Pretty Woman Plate
Love this plate!!!

This plate is even prettier in person! Good quality and the picture is so clear 💗 I will be enjoying my dinner on this plate tonight!